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Regular inspections of your electrical panel are crucial for maintaining the safety, efficiency, and longevity of your home's electrical system.

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Fire Prevention

Inspections can identify potential fire hazards such as faulty wiring, loose connections, and overloaded circuits. Ensuring all components are functioning correctly prevents overheating, which is a common cause of electrical fires.

Increased Efficiency

Inspections ensure that the electrical load is balanced across circuits, improving overall system performance. Identifying and replacing worn or outdated components can enhance the efficiency of your electrical system.

Energy Savings

Identifying and fixing issues like loose connections or faulty wiring can prevent energy loss and reduce electricity bills. Upgrading to modern, energy-efficient components can further reduce energy consumption.

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Velento Electric was created with a vision of supplying customers with a seamless way to get their electrical needs met. All while keeping the goal of quality, and assurance until we pass the finish line. We value each client no matter the size of the project.

Smart Home Automation

We offer smart home automation services that give you more control of everything in your home and make your space feel safer and more comfortable. With our automation solutions, you can connect all your appliances and switches to a single hub where you can control everything in your home without hassle.

Lighting Installation and Repairs

We offer high-quality indoor and outdoor lighting services to homes and businesses in North Jersey and surrounding areas. Whether you need a new lighting system installed, a simple fixture replacement, or an under-cabinet lighting installation, we have the expertise and tools to get the job done.

Commercial Lighting and Electrical Services

We are experts at creating custom lighting and electrical solutions for local businesses in North Jersey and nearby areas. Over the years, our quality commercial installations have earned us a reputation as one of the best lighting and electrical company in North Jersey. Our electricians are renowned for delivering safe, reliable, energy-efficient, and customized solutions to meet your business needs.

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Let our satisfied customers speak to our work!

Mike M.

I hired Velento to install two EV chargers for each of my homes. In the first instance Nick the owner stayed in contact with me until his electrician showed up ( there was another job before mine) to ensure the job was getting completed the day we had scheduled. He over-communicated with me which is completely rare for contractors. The job itself was flawless and clean.

Dan C.

Very happy with the experience. The guys arrived on time, did good work (including adding an outlet to a tiled wall without cracking surrounding tiles), cleaned up for a fair price. Would definitely call them again.

Belisa S.

Nick and his team are truly top notch professionals. They are incredibly friendly and easy to communicate with, and go above and beyond to get the job done. Velento helped me with the most basic of electrical needs (i.e. labeling my panel and installing a smart doorbell), to more involved projects, specifically helping to ideate and install outdoor lighting around the house. I can't even begin to express how gorgeous these lights and how much they enhance the beauty of our home. Highly recommend Velento.

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