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Commercial Services

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Commercial Services

Commercial Lighting and Electrical Services

We are experts at creating custom lighting and electrical solutions for local businesses in North Jersey and nearby areas. Over the years, our quality commercial installations have earned us a reputation as one of the best lighting and electrical company in North Jersey. Our electricians are renowned for delivering safe, reliable, energy-efficient, and customized solutions to meet your business needs.

When you contact us for your lighting or electrical installation needs, we'll take the time to visit your site, understand your project's goals, and design a solution that meets your requirements. Once you approve our plan, we will deploy our highly experienced, licensed, and fully-equipped electricians to your site for installation.

Some of the North Jersey businesses we serve include barbershops, restaurants, boutiques, multi-unique strip malls, gyms, and more. Want a new electrical or lighting installation for your local business? Please, contact us today!

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Commercial lighting & electrical maintenance services

Our New Jersey electricians have the experience and skills to help you with all your electrical and lighting maintenance needs. Our services include troubleshooting electrical faults, repairing and replacing lighting, routine maintenance of critical electrical components, and more.

Whether you need on-call maintenance services to resolve your electrical emergencies or want a long-term contract so you can enjoy discounts and prevent costly future repairs, we have got you covered. With Velento electrical maintenance services, you can be sure that your business will always remain safe and compliant with the ever-changing legal requirements.

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